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The Detective Company You Can Count On

When dealing with tough situations, a reliable detective company like us, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc in Dearborn, MI, is what you need.  The closure is often an intellectual basic need to people when having huge misunderstandings about the goings-on of their life events.  We can give you a full peace of mind.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI are a trusted local investigator that has been in business for 14 years now.  We have dealt with different complicated cases over the years, but we always made just the right moves to bring about the maximum positivity of situation.  We make sure to never cross any rights or laws in the process.  Our ways are never of a hassle to you.  We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

We offer investigation service.  We can discreetly and professionally get into your case.  We can get all the information we need in the process.

We are also a professional surveillance company.  We can maximize the span of allowance the law gives us to oversee things for you.  Our surveillance service is sure to get even the very fine details.  We can make efficient use of everything we gather to give you immediate closure.

We are a divorce private investigator.  We can get all the information we need in unnoticeable ways while still respecting people’s rights.  We can get your case receiving the sentence it deserves immediately.

Our service is at your easy reach.  When you give us a quick call, we can respond positively and confidently.  We will get into the service right away.  We are committed to giving you the justice you deserve.  You can relax while we tackle your case.  Results will always come quickly.  You will not be disappointed.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, are the local detective you are looking for to solve all the issues you need to be solved professionally.  We are available in too.  Give us a call at (313) 989-9168.