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The Private Investigation Agency That Has Your Back

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, know the weight of the trust you put in the hands of a private investigation agency for matters that mean so much to you.  We will make sure to get justice on the way.  You can rely on us to give your situation peace and closure.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, have kept our reputation as a trustworthy private investigation agency all these years.  We have dealt with numerous different cases, but have efficiently solved them all without sacrificing regard for human values.  We have kept all the information we have gotten as confidential.  We have the skill to use even little clues for big findings.  We are able to get an impressive amount of clues with the skill and tools we are equipped with.

In what we do, we always keep the law in context.  We have intimately studied our craft, and make sure to exert professionalism in every move we make.

As a private investigator, we have a keen eye for what we will take as essential material.  We know the right steps to take with everything we get in our search.

Our private investigation is sure to get you the answers you are looking for way before your set deadline.  Our work will eliminate so much of your excruciating waiting time for closure.  You will be grateful for what our work can do for you both in the professional and emotional aspect.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, are the private investigation agency you should turn to for all your matters because they are all fully important.  None of your issues should just be considered a silly matter.  We want all the right actions to be taken to create peace in your community, even between you and whatever party you have had an issue with. Let us take the first steps.  Give us a call at (313) 989-9168.