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Reliable Investigations

When it comes to investigations, we, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, make sure the cases are treated with extreme importance.  We can never allow any situation to be left unsettled.  We will be a name you can completely trust with matters you just have to know the information behind of.  We will not fail your high expectations of us.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, are a trusted expert when it comes to investigations.  We have been long in the business and have fully accomplished very many requests over the years.  We always know how to adjust to every unique case we are appointed to take care of.  We have intimately studied the work of looking for anomalies in a person’s private or professional life.  We make sure to do the work with regard to our legal boundaries but using to its maximum potential what we are allowed to use.

We are equipped with all the material we need for each possible case.  We brief ourselves on the immediate moves we should make for whatever we might be tasked to do.

We are a divorce investigator.  We can handle the matter with confidentiality but using all we are allowed efficiently and quickly to find out even very specific details that can be essential to solving the case.  You will get closure way before your set deadline for it.

We are also a surveillance investigator.  Our surveillance can capture the precise angles that the action will take place.  We are an expert at deciphering the meaning of clues of even slight details in what we can capture.

Our help is at your easy reach.  With a quick call, you can get us working on your case immediately.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, should be the name you trust for all your cases that need investigations.  We are waiting to help you.  Give us a call at (313) 989-9168.