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An Excellent Detective Agency

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, are confident that we are the detective agency you are looking for to give you instant peace of mind with all the questions you are having about professional and personal matters.  We want to change your expectations of any investigation company.  You will be grateful you turned to us for your sentimental matters.  We will never let you down.

Your physical and emotional well-being is of top importance to us.  How you would continue to get along in life would speak of our ability as a company to take care of you in different aspects as a person.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, are a renowned detective agency that has taken great care of many people’s lives over the years.  These customers have expressed full satisfaction of what we have done for them that they can never repay in the emotional sense.

The cases we have dealt with were very varying, but we have shown our intense professionalism in the way we can adjust our moves for them all.  We ready ourselves for any case, even if it is completely out of the way.  We equip ourselves with the right moves and tools to be able to gather all the necessary data plus bonus material.  We know how to efficiently use all the input we get for maximum mobility of our client to getting justice for the matter.

We are a fully qualified private detective to help you out on your case.  If our being fully insured, licensed and bonded is not enough to show you how we are fit for the work, then the way we carry ourselves as a team will.  We will show full dedication to your matter.

We are also a skilled surveillance detective.  We will get all the right coverage we need to give you closure as soon as possible.

We, Bleu Wing Investigations Inc of Dearborn, MI, are the detective agency you need to hire for all your investigation needs.  We are expecting your call.  Reach us at (313) 989-9168.